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Therapeutic properties of aloe

aloe vera (Lat. Aloe véra), or aloe vera, is a succulent plant of the genus Aloe. Has a thick, short stem with fleshy xiphoid leaves, spirally wound into a rosette. On the chemical composition of aloe vera is close to aloe tree, a popular inhabitant of our window sills.

aloe vera

Take care of a plant just: In the summer, water as the soil dries up, in winter - every 25-30 days, in spring, transplanted into fresh soil, ensuring good drainage. Aloe is very difficult to kill, it can survive long periods of drought, but from the excess moisture can really suffer.

aloe vera

Medicinal properties of aloe

The first known record about the possibility of medical use of aloe vera is the ancient Egyptian papyrus of Ebers, dated 1500 BC. E., which describes 12 different healing recipes with Aloe juice. The plant is extremely popular all over the world and is considered a true home doctor.

From aloe get 2 useful products: Pulp and juice. For this purpose, the lower, thickest and fleshy leaves are suitable. The tip of the leaf began to dry out slightly? It is a sign that his flesh has become as useful as possible.

Before using the sheet for several days you need to hold in the fridge, then rinse with warm boiled water. Enough to cut the tip of the knife thick skin to remove the flesh.

Flesh of aloe vera

Aloe juice has a pronounced Bactericidal properties, Has a disastrous effect on the majorityPathogenic microbes: streptococci, staphylococcus, intestinal and dysentery rods ... also this is a whole storehouse of minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, copper, zinc) and vitamins (c, a, e, c1, c2, c6, c9 , at 12).

Aloe vera for external use:

  1. Heals ulcers and eczema;
  2. Soothes dermatitis;
  3. Pulls out acne, boils;
  4. Accelerates the regeneration of tissues with burns and frostbite;
  5. Helps with varicose veins;
  6. Moisturizes the skin thanks to a large amount of allantoin;
  7. Reduces wrinkles, helps restore skin structure;
  8. Soothes itching in places of insect bites;
  9. Helps with baldness, dandruff, in combination with honey returns vitality to the hair;
  10. Heals wounds and cuts obtained as a result of shaving;
  11. Helps to smooth out postoperative scars and skin stretch marks.

Aloe vera for internal use:

  1. Strengthens the immune system;
  2. Stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood;
  3. Prevents digestive disorders, helps with colitis, relieves heartburn;
  4. Strengthens the heart and improves blood quality;
  5. Helps restore gums;
  6. Reduces inflammation in arthritis;
  7. Improves the functioning of the urinary tract.

It is worth seriously thinking about how to lodge a green doctor in your window sill. It is difficult to find a plant as universal and valuable for our health!

So it is important to know about the properties of plants that surround us. Do not forget to tell your friends about this article!