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Tips of centenarians

Have you noticed how some are used to be depressed? «Life is a torment","nothing can be changed"... such phrases can be heard almost every day! In redaction "so simple!" Are working Optimists, So we will prove that it's easy to live!

And help us in this Tips of happy long-livers... If you read through various interviews with centenarians, you can draw pleasant conclusions: the love of life - this is the power that helps out always!

And how can I disagree with them?

Rules for a happy life of the centennial

Cheerful grandmother

  1. Do not look at the calendar: every new day is a holiday!
  2. never give up! Difficult times come at all, but do not give up. never!
  3. While you are young, travel more. Even the smallest journey will give you a great life experience!
  4. Movement is the main The secret of youth.
  5. Remain optimistic! Negative thoughts only poison your body. Smile! They say, laughter is the best medicine.
  6. Be ready for change, both pleasant and not so. Life is not trampling on the spot.
  7. It's never too late to do what was not possible before.
  8. Do not interfere in other people's affairs. Why do you need extra problems?
  9. Open your soul - and the world will seem less strange.
  10. Always set yourself goals and confidently go to them!
  11. Do not compare yourself with others. it's a waste of time. In your interests to do everything possible to live to the fullest!
  12. Not necessarily be happy all the time. The main thing is just to be satisfied.
  13. Age is not a disease.
  14. One day you will realize that you have spent too much time worrying about nothing.
  15. Life is too short to take it seriously!

It is worth listening to such advice, so as not to live in vain. And maybe someday you will also share your Secrets of longevity?

Happy life in your hands!