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How to use iPhone

Almost all users admit these errors! You will not have time to enjoy purchasing, as Iphone Breaks and dies. And no one usually blames himself for this ...

Try to avoid these bad habits of using technology, and the smartphone will impress you. Iphone will work fine and will last much longer!

How to use iphone

  1. If you do not turn off the phone almost never, start to do it. Iphone battery It is not designed for such serious loads and quickly fails. Turn off your smartphone for the night at least once a week is necessary!
  2. Wi-fi and bluetooth You must disable it if you do not currently use these modules. This simple action will save battery power and keep the modules active for a long time.
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  4. Do not leave the technique on the scorching sun. On the street in a frigid frost, rain and snow forget that you have a smartphone! Go into the dry room, warm it and there already enjoy your health.
  5. Disconnect the iphone from the charger when the battery is fully charged. Do not leave the smartphone charged for the whole night, it does not feel right from it.
  6. Do not wait until the battery is fully discharged, before you charge the phone. Modern technology does not require such tricks! The best mode for the smartphone is 50-80% charging.
  7. Use the original charger always. Fake can spoil the phone and battery.
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  9. Do not forget to clean the smartphone screen and the connector forCharging. If the device is dirty, the risk of poor performance and damage is too great. Use a lint-free cloth and toothpicks to clean the connectors.
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  11. This is obvious, but we remind: do not hold the iphone in your hands when you are in a hurry and when there is a real threat of it getting dirty or dropping.
  12. Be sure to use the password. If the smartphone falls into the wrong hands, the password will protect all your data, including those that are needed for Internet banking.
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  14. Turn off geolocation in all applications except the most important ones, for example Uber. The battery will keep the charge longer!
  15. Turn off notifications in unnecessary applications. It overloads your iphone, and still steals your precious time.
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We believe that you will be using your equipment carefully. A person appreciates only what he has lost. So as not to be upset by an unexpected breakdown, do everything to prevent this from happening.

Friends will also be interested to know such information, tell them how to use the smartphone correctly!