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How to level a complexion

In our time, most women can not go out without makeup. A mandatory attribute when applying makeup is a foundation. he helps Straighten a complexion, Hide redness and small rashes. This is a very convenient tool that saves in different life situations, but it can not be called useful for the skin.

So the editors "so simple!" Prepared a mask recipe for an even complexion. With its help fatness, redness and puffiness disappears. In addition, it narrows the pores. Withering skin will become elastic and smooth out fine wrinkles.

How to level a complexion

Skin girl before and after

You will need

  • 1 tsp. Dry powder badyagi
  • 2 tsp. White cosmetic clay
  • boiling water


Explore the powder of banyam, which is sold in a pharmacy, and clay with boiling water. Pour in a little water. The consistency should be as thick as sour cream.

Application of

So that Straighten a complexion, Apply the mask in the evening on the cleansed face for 15 minutes, except for the area around the lips and eyes.

During this procedure, there is a slight tingling, as the microcirculation of the blood increases. The skin may become a little pink. After the mask, wipe the face with an ice cube and apply a moisturizer.

You need to apply the mask once a week. After 4-6 procedures the result will be noticeable: the complexion will improve, the pimples will dry and the activity of the sebaceous glands will decrease.

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