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Ideas for a small bathroom

Each small bathroom requires the creationLiterate system of storage of things, so that it is cozy and functional. This is extremely difficult to achieve, since there are more and more jars and accessories in it, but places are not added.

So the owners of small houses haveExperiment to properly optimize space. We have prepared many inspirational examples that will help you save space and refresh the interior in the bathroom!

Ideas for a small bathroom

  1. The flower pots succinctly fit into the space.
  2. Flower pots in the bathroom

  3. An excellent coat hanger on the mirror.
  4. Hanger on the mirror

  5. Vertical storage helps to accommodate a large number of personal care items. A bright stepladder is a great idea!
  6. Vertical storage

  7. Mobile shelves also help to save space.
  8. Mobile shelves

  9. Use the baguette in an original and practical way.
  10. Baguette in the bathroom

  11. Hidden multi-level holder, which easily hides behind the door.
  12. Multilevel holder

  13. Wonderful pockets for storing small things.
  14. Pockets for storing small things

  15. For a perfect order in the bathroom you can use ordinary cans.
  16. Cans for storing things

  17. Here's how you can fill a free space above the bathroom.
  18. Ideas for the bathroom

  19. Stylish bathroom organizer.
  20. Bathroom organizer

  21. It is also desirable to use the space under the sink.
  22. A sink with a bedside table

  23. Over the toilet, vertical shelves can be placed.
  24. Shelves above the toilet

  25. When planning a small bathroom, take on such a cunning for storage in the shower area.
  26. Shower room

  27. Another stylish idea.
  28. Idea for a bathroom

  29. Probably this is the best Idea for a small bathroom. Convenient folding dryer.
  30. Folding dryer for clothes

There are a large number of lifhaks that will make your small bathroom practical. When organizing space, make sure that all the details of the interior harmoniously fit.

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