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Tips for needlewomen

Knitting - a whole mystery ... for the needlewoman it is very important to organize your work properly, so that the process of creativity brings maximum pleasure.

Thanks to these ingenious techniques, you canCreate, without being distracted by annoying little things! Threads will not be confused, and some tricks will help to create truly beautiful things. To all fans of handmade dedicated!

Tips for needlewomen

  1. If you knit, using threads of several colors, this technique will be very useful! The clerical clamp will support the thread and protect them from tangling.
  2. The teapot will also help the threads to not get confused. Looks so cute!
  3. The colander is useful not only in the kitchen.
  4. Even an ordinary grid of vegetables and fruits can help if you need to save the thread from entanglement. Knitting for women - More than just a hobby, this activity heals from stress and gives energy on hard days ...


  5. This way it's possible to make a wonderful picture from an ordinary foam tray! An idea for creativity with a child that you want to embody.
    Foam tray
  6. Ice molds Can be useful for storing a variety of trifles, which are always at the masters at hand. conveniently!
    Ice molds photo
  7. A tiny pom-pon can be done very easily if you use a fork.
    Little pompon
  8. So you can make an additional skein of threads in a matter of minutes.
    Coil of thread
  9. You can use the spoke to make a neat skein. This scheme has more than once rescued me!
    Coil of thread
  10. The basis for paper towels will help to work with tapes without problems and store them in perfect order.
    Ribbon photo
  11. A huge pompon made from a whole skein of yarn!
    Big pompon

    It turns out great!

    Big pompon photo

  12. Crochet hooks They will not slip out of their hands if they are supplemented with rubber holders for pencils.
    Crochet hooks
  13. A warm light bulb helps to smooth the wrinkles on the Satin ribbon.
    satin ribbon

This collection of tips will prove to be a useful gift for all women who are genuinely in love with creativity. Share with your friends worthy of the article!