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Using a brush for mascara

Who would have thought that To use a brush from the carcass It is possible not only for dyeing eyelashes! We offer you 8 more unusual ways, how to apply it for cosmetic purposes, and at home.

Pay attention to the idea number 3: this trick can rightly be called the secret of seductive lips. Well, you have survived Old brush from the carcass?

Unusual use of brushes from carcasses

  1. To clean the keyboard
    With the help of such a brush you can get to the most inaccessible places on the keyboard.
    Dirty keyboard
  2. for eyebrows
    Brush brushes are very similar to brushes for mascara. So why buy excess?
    Eyebrow brush
  3. for lips
    Just as an old toothbrush helps to exfoliate the lips, a brush from the carcass will do it no worse. can Exfoliate With the help of usual balm or Vaseline.
    Exfoliation of lips
  4. For dyeing the roots of hair
    Suitable for painting a small gray hair.
  5. Calm naughty hair!
    Spray a hair spray on your hair or spray on the brush itself. Then on top, smooth the unruly hairs with a brush from the carcass.
    Hair brush
  6. For cleaning nails
    To remove dirt from under the nails? And then the old brush will come to the rescue!
    Manicure set
  7. For nail design
    If you like to experiment with nail art, catch another idea ...
    A brush for manicure
  8. For cleaning accessories from beads
    Keep your jewelry in order!

Today I will try to make the design of nails with the help of such a brush! It's amazing how much this little thing helps in big things ...

And what idea do you try?