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Cornices for curtains

If you have a few extra things in your houseCornices, we will show you how to find them a worthy application! These examples of interior design will be useful to everyone who appreciates the space in the house and is ready to work for the sake of true coziness ...

It is possible to separate the working area in the room from the sleeping room with the eaves and beautiful blinds. But this is just one of the brightest ideas on Use of cornices!!

Cornices for curtains

  1. Children will be delighted if they make such a fabulous gift for them. A secluded corner in the room allows you to come up with a lot of new games!
    children's room
  2. An idea for storing dishes that usually takes up so much space. Screwing the cornice inside the locker, you can place kitchen utensils quite differently ...
    Frying pans
  3. Shoes are never a lot, the only question is where to store it. I dream of such a shelf, made of cornices!
    Shoe rack
  4. A house for a child that all his friends will appreciate. To make such a miracle is easy, but how many joys!
    children's room
  5. Attached to the sink cornice creates an additional space for the storage of household chemicals. An ideal order, without any reservations!
    household chemicals
  6. That's how you can store a roll of paper without fear of crushing it or damaging it. It is more convenient you will not think up!
    paper roll

    Another idea for the masters: so you can keep all small rolls with adhesive tape in order.

    Adhesive tape

  7. The cut cornice can be adapted to separate the space on the shelves, each item has its own compartment.
    Shelf in the kitchen
  8. Lifesaving lifesaver for all who have a baby in the house. You can be calm: the contents of the boxes will remain inside ...
    chest of drawers

    With the help of bolted cornices, you can make a retractable wall-barrier, which will be a good alternative to a children's playground. The child is safe and not constrained by space!

    Cornices for curtains

If you have to taste these ingenious ideas, please them with your friends! The unusual use of things makes life so easier ...