/ The Wisdom of Women in 30

Wisdom of women over 30

Oh, born immediately with a huge life experience! But, unfortunately, this is impossible. I have to learn from my mistakes, because wisdom Is given already with the years ...

What they knew Women over 30, Can not be compared with the life values ​​of a serene youth. Think about it, do not you waste your young years?

Advice of wise women

Advice of wise women for 30

  1. Learn to accept change.
  2. Eating and serving the table is not the main thing. The main thing is a sincere company.
  3. Every moment bears value. Live Here and now!!
  4. Luck to the lazy does not come.
  5. Do not try to solve someone else's problems, if you do not even ask. You have enough of your own!
  6. Intuition is a useful thing!
  7. A healthy dream is the key to a good day.
  8. The main thing is not the number of friends, but their quality!
  9. What's important is not what you see, but how you look at it.
  10. do not envy! You live no worse than others ...
  11. Forget about the past, do not think about the future. Catch the present moment!
  12. Start making savings for old age right now!
  13. Ignore inadequate people. Their problems with their heads are not your problem.
  14. There are more important things than work ...
  15. Do not be afraid to take risks.
  16. Constantly learn and develop.
  17. The morning is wiser than the evening…
  18. Only after loving yourself, you can understand the value of mutual love.
  19. A few days alone work better than a spa.
  20. Even friendship disappears ...
  21. Do not waste your life on expectations, hopes and dreams. Just act!
  22. Learn to forgive and let go.
  23. Remember the experience, not things.
  24. "Thanks" and "please" are always relevant words.
  25. Self-pity is a useless feeling!
  26. Stop hiding your emotions. It only harms health!
  27. Travel. And as often as possible!
  28. And why are young so in a hurry to live?
  29. Learn to treat everything simpler.
  30. Happiness - it's only your hands!

These truths should be remembered at any age ... only you are the creator of your happiness!

And what else is worth adding to Advice for women?