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Treatment of a hernia

Your spine consists of 26 bones (vertebrae), which are connected by means of intervertebral discs. Discs protect the bones, while providing flexibility of the spine.

A significant part of pain in the lumbar regionIs caused by diseases of the discs themselves, for example, hernia. If you have a herniated intervertebral disc, do not immediately resort to surgery, because there is another solution - Ozonotherapy.


Symptoms of an intervertebral hernia

  1. Intervertebral lumbar hernia
    There is pain in the lower back, which gives to the legs. There may be a feeling of numbness in the limbs.
  2. Intervertebral hernia
    Symptoms of this kind of disease are pain sensations in the neck, head, and shoulders.
  3. Intervertebral hernia
    Accompanied by pain in the chest, this medication does not help.

Treatment of a hernia

Ozone therapy with hernia is an excellent solution, because most patients do not even realize that this spine disease lends itself to non-surgical treatment.

This is a special technique, which is a Injection course Ozone in the area of ​​the damaged disc and paravertebral muscles.

Ozone can reduce hernia volume and helpTo develop the necessary antioxidants, neutralizing toxins. Among other things, ozone has analgesic properties, relieves muscle spasms.

Unfortunately, this procedure is not suitable for everyone. People with impaired motor functions and arthrosis procedure is contraindicated.

There are a number of other contraindications, such asPregnancy, hemophilia, ozone intolerance, bleeding disorders, fever, and ozone therapy for children under 6 years of age. If you do not have anything like that, you can safely go to the doctor for hernia ozonotherapy.

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