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Why the diet does not work

The influence of fashion pushes us to limit ourselves to eating, resort to cosmetic procedures or surgical operations. From this diversity we tend to choose the path of least resistance - Diets. Their thousands. They are designed to lose weight, rejuvenate, improve the complexion, hair growth, increase libido, preserve health, strengthen immunity and other things.

Of course, one must recognize that some diets do help Get rid of extra pounds. However, it often happens that the effectIs short-lived. And yet after a few failures, we do not cease to storm the Internet in search of the only diet that will get rid of hated kilograms.

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Why the diet does not work

It is necessary to realize and accept the bitter truth - Ideal diets Nothing more than an illusion. For this statement there are several objective reasons.

  1. Instead of a smooth transition to a balanced, less caloric and Healthy nutrition, We subject our body to cruel trials, hunger strikes, deprive ourselves of important vitamins and trace elements, and then we are surprised that we are gaining weight again.
  2. A sharp change in the usual set of products, established over the years, leads to stress and the subsequent breakdown of the diet. The will power is under immense strain.
  3. Constant hunger Makes a person angry and irritable. Scientists have proved that during the diet, a person begins to pull precisely to forbidden foods, even if before he was indifferent to them.
  4. It is very important to get healthy habits: Start the morning with a contrasting shower and jogging, exclude from the diet "extra" foods (mayonnaise, chips, convenience foods), exercise regularly, do not eat on the go ... and sharp and strict restrictions on eating with a low-activity lifestyle only spoil the mood.
  5. The last reason for the inefficiency of the diet lies in ourselves. We are constantly unhappy with ourselves, we constantly compare ourselves with the "standard", we are trying Stall And experiences, we are in a depressed state, we are too fixated on ourselves, we are used to whining about our weight, we are afraid, we ...

    Causes can be enumerated to infinity, and their combination for each person will be unique.

In combating Overweight It is necessary to properly understand yourself,Find out what exactly makes you recover, what emotions force you to absorb thousands of unnecessary calories. Look at yourself with an impartial glance, you may lose weight and do not have to!

When you once again look at yourself in the mirror critically, remember this article, and at the same time tell your friends!