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How to clean a toilet without a plunger

If so The toilet was clogged, This problem must be addressed urgently! Otherwise wait for the flood and disgruntled neighbors from below. To put everything in order with ease will help vantuz, but what to do when it is not at hand?

"so simple!" Offers 2 proven ways, How to clean the toilet bowl With the help of improvised economic means. It's incredible that they are suitable for such unpleasant situations!

How to clean a toilet without a plunger

  1. liquid soap
    Pour a half-glass of liquid soap into the toilet. After 10 minutes, add 1 liter of hot water. Wait 20 minutes: notice how the soapy water starts to descend gradually. After turning on the flow of water and wash all contents in the toilet.
    Liquid soap for toilet
  2. Soda and vinegar
    In the toilet, you need to pour a half-pint of soda and pour a glass of vinegar. After the reaction, pour a little hot water.
    Cleaning of the toilet bowl

such Ways to clean the toilet Differ in extreme simplicity, but complex blockages of solid particles of liquid soap, vinegar and soda will not be removed.

now you know, How to punch a toilet without a plunger. We wish you do not fall into such situations!