/ How much to eat nuts per day

How much to eat nuts per day

Nuts - the most useful product! I often snack a variety of nuts throughout the day: a protein rich and unsaturated fat product helps maintain metabolism at altitude. And then I came across this information ...

Nutritionists are advised to include nuts in the diet, but often miss one important point. In a day you need a meticulous Portion of nuts, Otherwise you can not avoid health problems. This information is especially relevant for people with digestive problems, overweight and for those with weakened pancreas and liver.

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How much to eat nuts per day

  1. Nuts are rich in fats
    Fats contained in nuts are extremely useful. But only in moderation! Always remember: nuts are a high-calorie product, because there are small portions of them. Otherwise extra pounds are guaranteed! How often we forget about it, using nuts as a snack, for example, to beer ...
  2. Nuts are saturated with selenium
    If you eat a large portion of nuts, the body will receive a solid dose Selena. An excess of selenium can cause pain in the muscles, brittle nails, inflammation of the skin. Sometimes selenium causes allergies.

    Nuts are a heavy product for the liver, with caution you need to give nuts to children under 12 years old, who have not yet formed the liver. A day not more than a handful, placed on a small hand!

  3. Nuts contain tannins
    If you feel heavy after timeTake food, watch for the amount of nuts consumed. There are too many nuts you are contraindicated: they are difficult to digest, can cause stagnation in the work of the stomach and intestines.

Nuts are useful for muscle growth, are excellentStimulator for the brain, their use is good for the skin and hair. The main thing is to observe the measure, not more than one average handful a day! Do not overload your body - from this it wears out more quickly and grows old ...

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