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Do I have to warm up the engine

Having read this information, I got rid of the habit of warming up the car in the winter before going. Of course, it's much nicer to sit in a warm car ... but it causes irreparable harm to the engine.

Steven kyatti - former dragger, doctoralDegree in engineering at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He studied the internal combustion engines for 26 years! The conclusion, which the professional made, amazed many drivers.

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Do I have to warm up the engine

If the motor is running and the car is stationary,Frozen oil can not get into the pistons and cylinders at the right time. The consequences of this are very sad: the increased stress on the parts causes them to wear out quickly, as a result the car breaks more often ... when the friction units work without lubrication, the risk of breakage is very high.

How should one act when there is frost outside? Do I warm up the engine? It is necessary to start a car, wait about a minute and calmly move, at first slowly enough. Press the accelerator pedal smoothly to make the car work easier.

Hot engine temperature Can reach 80 degrees Celsius,But even when the temperature of the engine is 4 degrees, it will be easier for him to work. Using this advice, you will save on fuel: a non-heated motor spends 12% more gasoline than usual! Now you do not have to warm it up for so long.

Think just how many people are in theA terrible error! The need to warm up the car was when they were carbureted engines. Now such cars do not do, because this action is meaningless ...

Tell your friends this valuable advice, following it, you can avoid serious car breakdowns!