/ / Water manicure at home

Water manicure at home

To use this trick, you only need water and the most wonderful nail polish! Manicure on the water - the original way to paint nails is not only beautiful, but also fast.

This method often helps me out on holidays. This fabulous drawing attracts attention and fits well with elegant clothes. It is worth trying, if you have not done anything like this once! This idea has every chance of becoming your favorite ...

Water manicure

Water manicure at home

Video shows how the process is goingApplying amazing color divorces on the nails. It is enough just to drop a little varnish of different colors on the surface of the water, make a divorce with a wooden stick or a needle and dab the nail into the water.

Cram the area around the nail with an adhesive tape to avoid dirtying the skin. Chic drawings fascinate ... the master in the video does the drawing in exactly the same way as the barista - patterns on coffee! I take note.

Choosing varnishes for such manicure, watch, thatColors blended well with each other. Now I know what kind of manicure I will make for the day of all lovers! Be sure to show the video to your friends, they will also be pleased to learn this trick!