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How to do self-massage

Body massage should be done by a specialist who has appropriate education and work experience. But just choose the time to visit the masseur is not always possible. In this case comes to the rescue Self-massage, Which can be done anywhere and anytime!

Make self-massage for prophylaxis or hygiene, andWhile it has both positive aspects and a number of shortcomings. When starting self-massage, do not forget about possible undesirable consequences, so try to get the "blessing" of your doctor beforehand.

Types and features of self-massage


There are several options for self-massage. It can be a short-term relaxing massage, consisting in rubbing the muscles of all parts of the body and stroking the problem areas.

How to do self-massage

To get the maximum effect, we suggest doing Long self-massage, Including the following elements.

  1. Neck massage Simple enough. For this, you need to put your hands on the last cervical vertebra and make several movements to relieve tension. Do not forget that the back should in this case be straight.
  2. During the day, our hands experience a largeLoad, therefore, doing self-massage, they need to pay special attention. It is also easy: smooth movements are sufficient to stroke the upper and lower surface of the hand, starting from the wrist towards the elbow, and then from the elbow to the shoulder joint.
  3. The basis of human health is a healthy spine, so try to give him enough attention. back massage Is done both standing and sitting.

    So that Relieve tension, It is enough to put the palms on the lumbar region, at the same time try to have your fingers pointing towards the spine, and the thumb lay on the waist.

    Making stroking movements in the direction of the hip joint, you will achieve a good result. For maximum effect massage those parts of the spine, where you can get it.

  4. Taking care of the back, you can start Foot massage, Where it is necessary especially to try. Begin rubbing it from the ankles, and finish with a massage of the thigh area.

During self-massage do not forget about other parts of the body, such as Stomach and buttocks, Which to achieve the desired effect is enough to pat.

If you care about your health, then try to do such simple manipulations at least once a day, which will take you no more than half an hour. Believe that it's worth it!

Remember that if you do not take care of yourself, no one will do it!