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Non-standard use of iron

Who said that the iron only for ironing? This device has much more talent! We will show how useful sometimes Use ordinary things for unusual purposes.

And did you know that the iron helps to remove old wallpaper from the wall and stains from the wax? Now you will be convinced that this assistant can be useful even in repair!

Unusual use of iron

  1. Smoothes dents and scratches on a wooden surface
    Defects on the wooden surface will disappear if you through a rag or paper napkin iron the damaged places with an iron with a steam humidifier.
  2. Iron for wood surface

  3. Removes from the fabric stains from wax
    Put a paper towel on the problem zone, after ironing this place with a hot iron. You'll see, the wax will begin to melt and stick to the paper.
  4. Iron against stain from wax

  5. Fixes the edges of linoleum
    Advice for those who are doing repairs! To fix the edges of the linoleum, perform a simple manipulation: attach a piece of foil to the desired place and a little iron.
  6. Iron for linoleum

  7. For sealing plastic sachets
    Torn a packet or need a package for any filling? And then the iron and foil quickly help out.
  8. Restores carpet
    Cleaning agent, towel and iron - that's what you need to clean the carpet from the stains.
  9. Removes old wallpaper from the wall
    Include steam and drive the iron a short distance from the old wallpaper, so they will be easier to remove from the wall.
  10. Against white spots from water
    Put a towel on a wooden surface with a stain and start ironing. But carefully: the power of the device should be minimal!
  11. For food warming
    As a bonus for those who like to be surprised by human resource ... it is clear that a student!
  12. Pizza on iron

Do not take the last idea seriously: this Use of iron - only an invention of dreamers, although, perhaps, they did it quite seriously ...

Here such he - an iron. A real helper at home!