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Types of navel

All placental mammals, including humans, have a navel, since we were all connected to the mother's body by the umbilical cord. Your body tries to warn you about all the dangers that can expect you.

If you are careful, you will be able to recognize these signals. Today we will tell you about those Hidden ailments, Which your navel is trying to warn you about.

Its unusual form can tell you about small deviations or changes in the body, and about the heavy illnesses that await you.

Types of navel

Types of navel

  1. Belly button
    This form usually means that you have problems with being overweight and you are prone to digestive system disorders.
  2. Bulging navel
    The convex inner part of the navel may indicate the imminent appearance of a hernia. You should seek advice from a specialist if you noticed such an anomaly in your life.
  3. Part of the navel
    This may indicate cold intolerance. Take care of yourself, dress warmer.
  4. Arch-shaped navel
    This form of navel indicates a tendency for kidney and skin diseases.
  5. Belly button
    You are prone to muscle pain and have a predisposition to migraine. But this form can also be a sign of weak bones.

But even after discovering some changes in the shape of the navel, do not panic! Seek additional advice from a doctor.