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Hair coloring ombre

Hair stained in this way, be sure toWill attract attention! Not for nothing that we give so much time to our hairstyle - the appearance of any person directly depends on the condition of his hair.

Stylists, hairdressers who invented the magic Technique of dyeing hair ombre, Inspired by the appearance of sunburned hair. Dark roots and gradually shining down hair look magical ...

Hair coloring ombre

To dye your hair perfectly, you need to expand the strands on a flat surface! This technique has become revolutionary and is now mastered by many hairdressers.

Ombre photo

Hair - like a real canvas, on which the master paints the paint. Thanks to this painting, you get an impeccable gradient on your hair!

Hair coloring ombre photo

The main thing - a comfortable chair and the right position, in which you can wait 40-60 minutes, until the hair is painted. For the sake of beauty it's worth a little patience ...

Ombre coloring photo

This color is suitable for long hairGood density, very good gradient looks on curly hair. Light strands add volume to the hair, and the line of transition from dark to light turns out very interesting!

Ombre photo

I will definitely show my master these photos - I want to try to transform hair! If you like this delicious idea, share it with your friends!