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Diet of Laima Vaikule

In his 61 lime vaikule looks simpleExcellent: slender, youthful and always cheerful. For many years, its weight rests at around 47-49 kilograms! The reason is that the singer adheres to her own dietary rules.

"so simple!" Share with you Weight loss method Vaikule, which helps to lose up to 6 kilograms in just 9 days. It is worth noting that this diet is quite tough and requires a lot of aging and strong willpower!

Lime vaikule

The main rule of the singer is eating 2-3 times a day. And the food should be as simple as possible. as Snacks She consumes green tea with lemon and honey instead of sugar.

Diet limes vaikule

If the vaikule scored a couple of extra pounds during the tour due to irregular meals, she adheres to this Power schemes: 3 days eat only rice, the next 3 days - boiled chicken fillet and 3 more days - only apples. While you can eat any amount of chicken, rice and apples.

For the taste, the singer adds a little soy sauce and dried herbs. And you should definitely drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Lime gives preference to brown rice, since it has many more useful substances than polished ones.

Lime vaikule


Do not sit on this diet pregnant,Breastfeeding mothers, as well as people with kidney disease. The singer never feeds on this scheme, if it is sick. In addition, the diet of lime vaikule will not work if your body is weakened or you have recently suffered some kind of disease.

If you dream of losing weight, try this diet. And after 9 days of a diet do not forget to arrange fasting day Once a week, excluding any food from the diet.

And do not forget to tell about this artful method to your girlfriends!