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How to whiten things

White color symbolizes good, cleanliness andperfection. White clothes are associated with a high position in society, with people who cause respect and trust. Dress in white, and your skin will shine!

But, unfortunately, white fabrics are impractical ... they are easy to stain, over time the fabric gets an unpleasant gray tint.

so "so simple!" Has gathered for you the best advice on whitening things that are worth using!

How to whiten things

  1. aspirin
    This remedy for headache perfectly fights with yellow spots. Dissolve 5 tablets of aspirin in water and soak the clothes in it. After a while, wash your clothes, as you usually do.
  2. soda
    Take 4 liters of water and add a cup of soda. In this solution, soak white clothes. After this procedure the tissue becomes snow-white.
  3. Wash

  4. lemon juice
    A cup of lemon juice can be added to the water when rinsing the clothes. Then dry things in the sun.

    There is another way. Place white clothes in hot water. Add a glass of lemon juice and leave everything for the night. Wash things in the morning as usual. With each such procedure the fabric will be bleached.

  5. Whitening

  6. White distilled vinegar
    Add a cup of vinegar to the laundry detergent. You can also spray vinegar contaminated areas, for example, cuffs or collars. The smell of vinegar will evaporate when dried.
  7. Wash

  8. Dishwashing detergent
    It is only better to take a remedy with minimal chemical additives (without chlorine and phosphates). It is more effective than any powder whitens the fabric.
  9. Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
    This universal tool can be widely used in everyday life for cleaning the apartment. And yet this is an excellent bleach without chlorine, which is worth adding during washing.

Synthetic Bleaching agents Often cause allergies. So natural bleaches are what you should pay attention to. The effect is not worse, and there will be no harm to health!