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How to clean a grenade

There is no such person who would not know about Use of pomegranate. Juicy grains contain everything necessary for the well-coordinated work of the body: valuable amino acids, 4 main vitamins (s, p, b6 and b12) and a whole set of minerals.

But how to clean the pomegranate from hard peel, get ruby ​​wealth, but do not get splashed with juice at the same time?


In "so simple!" There is a way that you in the blink of an eye You will clean the grenade without losses And leakage of juice. All that is needed for the focus is a knife and a deep bowl of water.

How to clean a grenade

How to clean a grenade

Follow the instructions provided in the video, and you will definitely get it!

Grains of pomegranate It is useful to use in winter, especially for children and pregnant women for the prevention of anemia. And you can also make a spicy dish - a chicken with a pomegranate.

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