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Substitutes for cigarettes

So, you made a decision Quit smoking, But has not yet decided how? To begin with it is necessary to be defined or determined with character of your dependence, because not the fact that the organism "has sat down" on nicotine. It is likely that you are just used to giving regularly five minutes to that, watching the tip of a smoldering cigarette, think about the past or the present.

A cigarette serves as a link for you to go out and talk with friends or just think about something and close in yourself. It's a way to kill time, because without Smoking There is a sense of boredom.

Than to replace cigarettes

Cigarette substitutes

In this case, the most optimal solution would be to purchase Electronic cigarette. There is no need to avoid public places, carefully hide the pungent smell of smoke on clothes and hands, chew gum. Besides, electronic cigarettes are now in fashion.

But if all of the above is not for youRefers, you know the insane desire to smoke, which alternates with an ache in the body, an exacerbation of a scent, a cough, an unpleasant sensation of emptiness in the lungs, it is better to use Nicotine patch. Nicotine through the skin in small doses will get into the blood, without clogging the tar with the lungs.

Also the nicotine patch clearly benefits in one more: a smoking woman will look less defiant with a small band-aid under her clothes than with a plastic tube in her mouth.

If you have absolutely no desire to delve into yourself, analyzing Causes of nicotine addiction, Act universally: combine these two means. This will help you quit smoking faster!

But better - do not even start!