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Training with a rope

Skipping rope is the most affordable Cardiovascular device, The strength of which many underestimate. If you took it for the last time in the school at physical education classes, we advise you to still get this useful thing!

Firstly, it does not take up much space, and secondly, Jumping rope You can everywhere: both in the gym or at the stadium, and at home.

So that Jumping rope Faster to benefit, recommend performing a whole set of exercises. But how do you like the idea of ​​a 10-minute hot workout?

Training with a rope

Training with a rope

  1. 1 minute
    Put your feet on the width of your shoulders, hold the rope by the ends with both hands. Bouncing on the spot, draw a rope from the left shoulder to the right thigh, and vice versa.
  2. 1 minute
    A minute of single jumps ahead.
  3. 30 seconds
    Leaning on the heel of the right foot, scroll the rope 2 times to the right. Repeat the same to the left. In general, exercise the exercise is springy.
  4. 1 minute
    Jumping rope back and forth 6 times.
  5. 30 seconds
    Again draw eight, as in paragraph number 1.
  6. 1 minute
    Alternating jumps left and right. Do it six times and keep your feet together.
  7. 30 seconds
    Spring from item number 3.
  8. 30 seconds
    Double jumps: try to jump the rope in one jump 2 times.
  9. 1 minute
    Break on the eight from item number 1.
  10. 1 minute
    Alternate jumps: legs together and wider than shoulder level.
  11. 2 minutes
    Running in place with rope turns.
  12. 1 minute
    The final minute spring (item No. 3).

It's more fun not to step, but to jump to perfect forms! Immediately wanted to take the rope in his hands, turn on the merry music and perform such Vigorous exercise.

And the result is a crazy fat burning!