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Paper filters for coffee machines

Paper filters for coffee - a real jewel. It never occurred to me to use them so much, but these delicate pieces of paper can come to the aid in the most difficult moments!

Get acquainted with these brilliant ideas: it's a sin not to use them if filters are always in your house. Especially good trick with a bottle of oil ...

Paper filters for coffee machines

  1. After washing the frying pan, put a paper filter in it. It will perfectly absorb the excess moisture that destroys the surface of the dishes.
  2. Paper filters

  3. Apply a little vinegar and a drop of your favorite essential oil on a paper filter, then wipe their clothes. The thing will smell sweet! Also this manipulation will save clothes from excess static electricity.
  4. Coffee filters

  5. Place large spices inside the paper filter -Laurel leaf, celery root, parsley for soup; A stick of cinnamon, a tubberry and barberry for mulled wine. Rewind the sachet with a thread. You can take the spices out of the ready dish in one fell swoop!
  6. Paper filters for coffee machines

  7. A great idea is to lace the bottom of the flowerpot with a paper filter. This will create a favorable environment for plants: the soil will not be washed through the hole during irrigation.
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  9. To apply a thin layer of oil on the pan, you can use Coffee filter As an applicator.
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  11. A paper filter can wipe the laptop screen: perfectly cleans the surface, creating an anti-static effect.
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  13. The original feeding of products with paper filters is very convenient ...
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  15. If the dishes do not have a lid, you can cover the food on top with a paper filter. No splashes on the walls of the microwave!
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  17. But here's the trick I use often! Filters for the coffee machine will successfully replace the molds for muffins.
  18. Paper filter for coffee machine

  19. So that the drops of oil do not run down the bottle, you can wrap the paper filter around the neck and secure it. The bottle will no longer be oily!
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  21. Pour a little soda into the paper filterGround coffee, tie a packet. In this form put it in shoes. Thanks to this simple reception, an unpleasant smell from shoes will disappear, and all the excess moisture will be absorbed!
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  23. Rub paper filter on a young corn - this will help to easily clean it!
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Paper filters for coffee machines can also beUse instead of matting face napkins! I liked these tips so much that I will look for new original ways of using this thing. I'm sure you can come up with a lot of interesting things!

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