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Products for Mood

With a bad mood and a depressed state everyone struggles in their own way. Somebody is singing blues all day long, because blues is when a good person is bad. Somebody "throws in" Antidepressants, Choosing your pill as in the "matrix." Someone is sent to lower a fortune in a casino or organizes shopping.

But there are means that will help to ward off depression easily, cheaply and quickly. All and it is necessary - there are right Products that cheer up!! Below is a list of 7 products that will change your inner world ...


Products for the mood

  1. Sea kale
    This product is a bottomless sea of ​​vitamins. Use sea kale should be fresh.

    Or cook dishes from dry, as canning kills all the benefits. In marine cabbage is valuable the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and most importantly - iodine.

  2. Eggs
    Essential fatty acids, tryptophan, vitamins in the group and so on. Eggs improve metabolism, give the body energy and allow you to feel great!
  3. Nuts
    Potassium, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, vitamins of the group в, fatty polyunsaturated acids - all this basket of usefulness is placed in a small nucleolus of the nut.

    Use every day a few pieces - and you will feel at the peak of energy!

  4. Fruits and vegetables (bright)
    The effect of color on the human psyche is proven long ago. But doctors do not recommend eating bright vegetables and fruits - peppers, tomatoes, oranges, tangerines.

    The whole point is availability in them Bioflavonoids, Which strengthen the walls of blood vessels, help the blood supply to the brain and improve mood.

  5. Sandwiches pictures

  6. a fish
    Amazing, but not very emotionally fishCan improve the emotional state of a person. Except for the mass of nutrients, it contains tryptophan, which contributes to the production of the hormone of happiness - Serotonin.
  7. Bananas
    This is a very useful fruit. It contains a lot of vitamins of the group in and potassium, and there are also useful sugars and amino acid tryptophan. If there are bananas all the time, serotonin will be produced in the body, and the mood will be excellent.
  8. chocolate
    Well, how can I not name the leader among antidepressants - chocolate ?! It contains an analogue of the hormone of happiness - Phenylethylamine. A few pieces of chocolate - and the business is arguing, the well-being improves, the efficiency improves.

All the Products for good mood Always present in my diet! Have breakfast in a good mood, and your day will pass like clockwork ... do not forget to add spices to food: their role is also very important for all processes occurring in the body.

Share this information with your friends, wish them a good mood!