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Eye makeup

Each of us is unique in its own way. There are no two people with absolutely identical facial features. especially it concerns Eye shapes. These individual characteristics, of course, should be taken into account when applying makeup.

Conditionally the shape of the eyes is divided into these types: almond-shaped eyes, closely-set eyes, eyes with lowered corners, bulging eyes, deep-set eyes, eyes with an overhanging eyelid.

Eye shape

The almond-shaped incision of the eyes is considered to be classical. But with make-up you can easily Adjust the shape Their eyes, so that, for example, the look from under the impending eyelid seemed more open, or deepen too prominent eyes.

Great importance Shade of shadows: Darkens visually reduce, and light - on the contrary, increase eyes.

Eye makeup

After watching the video, you'll find out, How to apply makeup According to your individual eye profile, to look great in any situation!

And what cut of eyes at you? Hope that with advice "so simple!" You will pick up your ideal makeup. Share meykap-methods with friends!