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How to improve vision

Eye problems - the scourge of the modern generation. Our eyes are not at all adapted to the loads that have fallen on them! If you spend a lot of time at the monitor, it is necessary to take care of the health of the eyes now, so as not to lose sight acuity with age.

These tips will help improve your eyesight, even if youWear glasses or contact lenses. Pay attention to the important advice: often blink while sitting at the computer to moisten the sclera. It is the desiccation of the sclera that is the main cause of various eye diseases!

"so simple!" Complex approach to the issue and prepared forYou are valuable recommendations for preserving and restoring eye health. Use them, and you will notice the result: some people even have headache attacks when they allow the eyes to relax ...

Optic nerve

How to improve vision

  1. Rest for eyes
    Take it as a habit to turn a blind eye toThroughout the day. Two minutes will be enough to relax the eye muscle and regenerate the vision! Close your eyes for 2 minutes every hour during the working day - and you will do a miracle not only with your eyesight, but also with the nervous system.
  2. If you wear glasses
    Even if you have poor eyesight, this is no reasonWear lenses or glasses without removing. Give up glasses at least for half an hour a day, and you will notice that you have become better able to see. Scientists have not yet come to a single conclusion - glasses are useful or not, because often vision drops when a person starts to use them regularly.
  3. Eye massage
    Massage your eyes at least once a day. Thanks to massage of eyes blood circulation improves, eyes fully rest, as a result vision becomes sharper.
  4. Regular breaks
    Do not let your eyes constantly be in suspense: every 20 minutes, get distracted from work and look into the distance. This recommendation is especially important for people suffering from myopia.
  5. Exercises for eyesight
    Perform these simple exercises at least 1 time in 2Day, and the result will be! Move the view along the arrow in the pictures. This is an excellent training for strengthening the eye muscles! Exercise can be done with both open and closed eyes.
    Exercises for eyesight
  6. Warm compresses for the eyes
    If the eyes are tired, make a warm compress of cotton swabs. This tool helps not only from fatigue and dry eyes, it is effective even with a headache.
  7. diet
    Carrots, butter, fish oil, greens, nuts: make sure that your diet is rich in these products. They will help to see well in the dark, vitamin a is very important for good vision.
  8. Time outdoors
    Natural light and fresh air are useful not only for the eyes, but for the whole organism. More walk - this is an excellent method of promoting health!

Eyes and vision Need your careful attention and care. If you know friends who have problems with vision, show them our article! These successive steps will help to correct the situation and carefully preserve the health of the eyes.