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The most effective diets

We all want to be beautiful, slender, fit, cheerful and healthy. What diet will help achieve all these goals? Which one is more effective?

We collected The most effective diet for weight loss Especially for those who are going to get fit in the spring. Correcting the food, you can achieve really chic results!


The most effective diets

  1. Kremlin diet
    The basis of this diet is mainly Proteins. That is, meat in any of its manifestations (chicken, beef, pork, rabbit), this diet gives a green light. Especially this news is pleasant for meat lovers ...

    For skin condition, which is important for those who followThe proteins contained in the meat are very useful. go ahead. Vegetable oil, nuts, vegetables and fruits (but both are low in carbohydrates) are welcome.

    But all kinds of porridge, sweet vegetables and fruits,Sweet juices and in general sweets (cakes, cakes, chocolate) - a taboo. Bread, of course, also - taboo. A day you can eat no more than 100 grams of bread. The feature of this diet is Minimal consumption of carbohydrates.

    You can eat meat all day long, most importantly,It was boiled and was used without all sorts of harmful sauces. It is also necessary to drink plenty of water (about two liters a day). Tea, coffee, cocoa must be drunk without sugar. It is generally better to exclude it, but it is not forbidden to salt food.

    The obvious advantage is the absence of sweet baked goodsAnd other simple carbohydrates (sweets, sugar in tea and coffee, chocolate). Thanks to this you will start to lose weight rapidly, and if you add regular physical training, the process will go faster.

    The disadvantage is the absence of complex carbohydrates(All kinds of cereals, as well as sweet vegetables and fruits). Carbohydrates, and especially complex carbohydrates - is a fuel for our body and a charge of vivacity for a long time. It is no accident grandmothers fed us in the morning with mush!

    Lack of sweet fruits and vegetables is also a plusYou will not name. The body does not take vitamins, minerals and fiber. It can affect the quality of the skin, hair, nails. And the general health of vegetables and fruits have a huge impact.

  2. Diet of Hollywood stars
    Here, for example, Jennifer Lopez periodically excludes salt and sugar from her diet, and also consumes a minimum amount of food: some vegetables, some fruits, some low-fat meat.

    Julia robertts fan Dr. Perricon's Diet. The basis of this diet is salmon and mineral water.

    Everyone knows Angelina Jolie sits on Atkins diet. This diet is very similar to the Kremlin (also you can not eat carbohydrates and proteins are welcome).

    One of the most rigid diets adheres to sharonstone. From its diet, any unhealthy food is excluded: sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, chips, chips, smoked products, sweets of all kinds. It consumes only natural vegetables, fruits, sufficient amounts of water, low-fat meat and fatty fish.

    Demi-mur prefers to drink a lot of freshly squeezedJuices from vegetables and fruits, and also uses light vegetable soups. She claims that such a diet makes the skin radiant, eyes shining, and lightness and sexuality appear throughout the body.

The most effective and fast diet - Protein. Remember also how important it is to drink a lot of fluids when you lose weight! A balanced diet and healthy exercise will lead you to the goal ...