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Neck Care

Darkening of the skin On the neck, unfortunately, not uncommon. Reasons for excessive pigmentation in this area can be several: prolonged exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, medication.

"so simple!" Offers a list Bleaching agents, Moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the neck, which can be found in any kitchen. Choose what you prefer!

Care of the neck

Products for care of a neck

  1. Coconut oil. Perfectly softens and smoothes the skin. Also suitable for use on the beach.
  2. Lemon - a powerful whitening agent. Regularly wipe the skin with a lemon wedge.
  3. soda. Mix soda with water until the density of sour cream and apply on the neck.
  4. Cucumber - perfectly tones and refreshes the skin.
  5. oat flakes. Steal the flakes with boiling water, let it brew - the nourishing mask is ready!
  6. Tomato juice acts like lemon juice.
  7. honey - vitamin clarifying scrub.
  8. Rose water is an excellent tool for women's beauty! Sold in pharmacies.
  9. Juice of aloe. This plant is in almost every house. Slice the aloe leaf dilute along and rub it around your neck.
  10. Use almond oil for massage and wraps.
  11. Vitamin e - the best vitamin for youth and beauty.
  12. Rice water. While cooking rice, drain some water and use it as a bleaching compress for the skin. So achieve the whiteness of the skin of Japanese beauties!
  13. Orange is used to tone and improve the color of the skin.
  14. Potato juice. Potatoes are washed and the sodium on the grater together with the peel. Squeeze the juice and use it to wipe the skin.
  15. Apple vinegar, Diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, suitable for clarifying the tan.
  16. Banana mask - a universal remedy for youth and freshness of the skin.
  17. sour cream. It was used from time to time to give the skin a noble whiteness.
  18. Strawberry helps to vitaminize and tone the neck skin.
  19. Olive oil provides a multifaceted comprehensive care.

These funds can be combined, for example, a bananaUse in combination with sour cream or honey with aloe. Home beauty products do work! Whichever product you choose for care, check if you have allergies to it.

Enjoy the whiteness of your skin and do not forget to tell your friends about the article!