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How to clean the grate

Grate for oven Can be perfectly clean, even if you constantly use it! There is a remedy that will remove all dirt and fat without a trace. I apply it periodically, and the result has never disappointed ...

Grate plate

How to clean a grate

You will need

  • Old terry towel
  • 0.5 tbsp. Washing powder or dishwashing detergent
  • hot water
  • Dirty grille

What do we have to do

  1. The bottom of the bathroom was covered with a towel to protect it from scratches.
  2. Place the oven grill on the towel and the pourIts hot water. Add water 0, 5 tbsp. Washing powder, liquid detergent for dishes or soda. Leave the grate in soapy water for 5 hours, you can make a solution in the evening and leave the grill on all night.
  3. When the grate gets really wet, rub it with a hard sponge. gorgeous view!

Baked apples and pumpkin, chicken wings, mushrooms andOther vegetables? - dishes that I constantly cook on the grill. The oven gets dirty very quickly ... well, that with this elementary way you can clean the grill in two counts! Here is a video showing the process of work.

Grate plate Looks virgin clean, and this did not require expensive funds. Share useful secrets with friends, they just need it!