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How to give volume to eyelashes

Lush and long eyelashes - this is not only an effective decoration of any woman, but also a powerful tool for seduction. "so simple!" Share with you tricks, thanks to which the dream of chic eyelashes will turn into reality. And will prove that to make the volume do not necessarily stick artificial eyelashes.

How to give volume to eyelashes

  1. Do you want to achieve volume, as in the case of the Hepburn? Apply the 1st layer of carcass, comb the eyelashes with a brush and allow the cosmetics to dry out. slightly Eyelashes: This trick will give volume and allow the mascara to stay longer. Now you can apply the 2nd layer of the carcass.
  2. Audrey Hepburn

  3. Another trick: professional make-up artists begin with Make-up of lower eyelashes, And then go to the top. They say, it is more convenient. But the owner of small eyes still zealous with the lower cilia does not follow, as with the eyelid lower eyelid.
  4. Lower eyelashes

  5. So that no lumps form in the tube with mascara, first place it in a glass with warm water - so the consistency of the product will become more uniform.
  6. Mascara in a glass with water

  7. Movements also matter! The more carefully you distribute the mascara on the eyelashes, the more expressive will be the eyes. Do not apply too much carcass at a time - so the eyelashes will stick together.
  8. How to dye eyelashes

  9. Pay attention to the brush of the carcass. In recent years, increasing popularity is gaining Rubber brushes: They allow the mascara to cover the eyelashes more evenly.
  10. Bristle brush

  11. To give eyelashes a seductive bend will help curling tongs. Experts recommend to resort to cunning: use forceps after they have applied the first layer of carcass. And then make up your eyelashes again.
  12. Eyelash curler

  13. The arrows visually lengthen the eyelashes and make the look feminine.
  14. Arrows

  15. But that the works with the arrows did not go wrong, try to do this.
  16. card

  17. Thickened mascara can be diluted Micellar water Or ... the usual saline solution, which is sold at the pharmacy.
  18. Resuscitate mascara

  19. Effective reception: first apply an extending mascara, wait for it to dry completely, and then cut the eyelashes volumetric.
  20. Beautiful eyelashes

You can accelerate the growth of eyelashes, and then any mascara will lie down without problems. Stay always at the height with lifhakami from "so simple!" And do not forget to share them with your friends!