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How to apply a tonal basis

In order to make the makeup fit well on the skin, makeup artists recommend using Tonal basis As a basic coating, and then use the corrector, primer, foundation, rouge and powder ...

The make-up base should even out all Uneven skin, Hide the pores, add face radiance and freshness.

In fact, it often turns out that in the middleDay (and even worse - in the midst of the event), you notice that your work went to hell, because the make-up "flowed" and even the endless layers of powder do not save the situation.

Not to be more to it! "so simple!" Hurries to share Make-up trick, Which will turn your life around.

Application of a tonal basis

How to apply a tonal basis

But will demonstrate a focus with a tonal base Master make-up artist On his own face!

Smooth face - The key to the success of makeup in any style: everyday or evening. And for a beautiful and smooth skin, pay attention to the products of beauty and adjust your diet.

Let the reflection in the mirror make you happy day by day. Of course, do not forget to tell your girlfriends about the new chip!