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Power training

If we talk about the favorite training of many editors "so simple!", Then it is worth mentioning the following Strength training, Which consists of only 5 exercises. Their implementation contributes to the acceleration of metabolism, the strengthening of virtually all muscles, and in general burning all unnecessary, which prevents one from feeling one hundred percent!

Pay attention to the main principle of this Cardio: From the first call, perform each exercise 10 times, from the second - to 12, and from the third - to 15. and no breaks to rest, so let's go!

power training

  1. squats
    Put your feet a little wider than on the width of your shoulders, take up the barbell and raise it directly over your head. Each squat at a right angle is performed with straight arms and back.
  2. Horizontal pull-up
    Take hold of the crossbar, legs stretch forward andPut it on your heels. Your body forms a straight bar almost parallel to the floor. Pull the chest to the crossbar, and after a short pause, drop down until your hands are fully straightened.
  3. Push-ups on the ball
    The same push-ups from the floor, but only the legs on the fitball. While doing the exercise, keep your back straight and look down.
    Push-ups on the ball
  4. Sit-ups with dumbbells
    Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, take them in your arms.Dumbbell and lift. Bend your legs in your lap, sit at a right angle, but do not bend your back. Returning to the starting position, raise your hands up and lower again.
    Sit-ups with dumbbells
  5. Exercise for the press "book"
    Lie on your back. Lift the body and legs together. Stretch your arms to your legs, which you try not to bend.
    Exercise book

Oh, it's not easy, but the results are worth the effort! It is not without reason that they say: "Without labor there is no fruit". In this case, the fruit is Smart figure, Which will drive all men crazy!

And you have little to do this workout?