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Application of gelatine

All experienced and novice landladies know that when preparing dishes such as Jelly and cold, Without gelatin can not do. However, this affordable product is indispensable not only in cooking, but in other, not even so familiar, spheres ...

Redaction "so simple!" Decided to tell, How to use gelatin in cosmetology, Medicine and other fields. Some ideas are a real discovery!

Application of gelatin

  1. Gelatin mask for face
    On the basis of gelatin make a cream from wrinkles, which also includes water, honey, glycerin and a couple of drops of essential oil. Such a home remedy is not inferior to expensive storekeeping in its efficiency.

    But today we want to present your attention to Mask from black dots With gelatin and activated carbon. Mix 1 tsp. Gelatin powder with crushed powdered activated carbon tablet, pour 2 tsp. Cold milk and mix everything thoroughly. Heat the mixture in a microwave for 15 seconds, cool to room temperature, apply the mask and wait for it to dry completely.

    It is worth remembering that the mask-film should be applied to the cleansed and steamed skin. How many times a week? Just once will be enough!

    Gelatin and activated carbon

  2. Hair Mask
    The simplest version: 1 tbsp. L. Gelatin zaley 3 tbsp. L. Hot water or milk. When gelatin swells, add another 1 tbsp. L. Any mask for hair. Put such a mask on the washed damp hair, and then wrap them with a plastic bag or put on a special cap and top with a towel.

    After half an hour wash the mask with warm water. In some ways, this method can be attributed to home hair lamination.

    Gelatinous hair mask

  3. Baby bath
    Hot baths with gelatin will help the damagedNails to find a healthy appearance. In such trays recommend adding a few drops of lemon juice. 15-20 minutes of pleasant rest for your marigolds!
    Gelatin bath for nails
  4. Cure for joints
    Of gelatin make medicinal infusions and compresses, it is used to prevent joint diseases, and many believe in its healing power.
    the knee is hurt
  5. Anti-cellulite remedy
    Gelatin will help in eliminating cellulite. On its basis make hot wraps.
    Cellulite is not present
  6. bird feeders
    Taking care of yourself is good, but why not take care of others - for example, for birds in the winter? Even from the most ordinary feeders you can do something special!

    Soluble gelatin in warm water, add cereals andMix it well. Decompose the mixture into molds, but do not forget to put a loop of threads in. Place molds with food in the refrigerator. When the mixture has cooled, take it out safely and hang ready gifts for birds on the trees.

    bird feeders

Here's how not to please the birds with such a creative feeder? This is exactly what I wanted to cook right away!

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