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Air freshener with own hands

Each house has its own unique smell, sometimes not very pleasant ... most people are so used to Smell of his home, That already and cease to notice it. Of course, the range of store fresheners is impressive, but they are of little use: they give a short-term effect, and the harm of the composition in general can only be guessed.

Today "so simple!" Offers to make their own hands Natural flavor for home, Which will not only give the room the flavor of harmony and comfort, but also serve for the sake of health.

Flavor for home

Air freshener

Aromatic diffuser - has many advantages: universal in use (at home, in the car, on the desktop), does not require connection to an electrician, reusable.

You can make several such aromatic jars with different smells for each room in the house.

For example, in a bedroom it is useful to put a flavoring with Essential oil Lavender or geranium, in the living room - tea tree,Fir, rose, sandal, lemon, mandarin. A jar of lemon, peppermint, orange oil will fit in the kitchen, and the toilet - with tea tree oil, eucalyptus, spruce, fir.

You will need

  • Glass container
  • Bamboo sticks (you can buy at a hardware store)
  • vegetable oil
  • Essential oil (one or more)

  1. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil in a container, add a few drops of ethereal small, the amount of which depends on your individual susceptibility to aromas.
  2. From bamboo sticks to cut sharp tips andSlightly mash to make it look like a brush. Insert the chopsticks into the container with the oil brushes down (so the fluid will be better absorbed). The amount of inserted sticks will depend on the intensity of the fragrance: the more of them, the smell will be stronger.
    Flavoring agent

Aromatic diffuser is not only a useful natural air fragrance, but also a stylish interior decor element!

Flavor for home

With the help of homemade air fresheners, you will give the unique aroma inherent only to your home. Do not forget to share this useful article with your friends.