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Training with a towel

Who said that to maintain a good shape, you must always visit gyms? You can also practice at home - and this fact is difficult to challenge. so "so simple!" Invites you to find out what else Home exercise Suitable for all fitness lovers.

following Set of exercises with a towel Interesting in that in the process of its implementation, the muscles are not only pumped up, but also stretched slightly. As they say: "catch two birds with one stone" ...

Exercises with a towel

  1. Sit on the floor, bend your knees, keep your backStraight and raise your hands by pulling the towel. Putting your hands down, turn the body to the right. Return back to the starting position, while raising your hands again. Repeat the exercise 20 times in each direction.
  2.  Training with a towel

  3. Lie on your back, bend your legs in your lap. Fold a towel square and put it under your waist. Start with your hands behind your head to rock the press. Repeat 20 times.
  4.  Training with a towel

  5. This is the usual exercise "bike", only here you need to support the head with a tight towel and slightly turn the body then to the right, then to the left. Execute 2 sets of approaches 10 times.
  6.  Training with a towel

  7. Starting position: get on all fours, put a towel under your toes. Go to the bar in which try to stand 15 seconds. Return to the starting position and make 9 more approaches.
  8.  Training with a towel

  9. Lie on your right side, stretch out your right hand, and your palmPut on the folded towel. The left arm should be in front of the chest. To raise the body, you need to rest on your left hand and make a sliding motion with your right hand. In each direction, do 15 approaches.
  10.  Training with a towel

  11. In position number 1, simultaneously lower the body and stretch your legs, but do not let go of the towel. Repeat 15 times.

    A complicated option - when the towel is not under the knees, but from above.

  12.  Training with a towel

  13. initial position: Strap on elongated straight arms, a towel under your feet. Bend the left leg, then pull the right leg to the left, so that the knees touch the left elbow. In this pose the weight of the body is transferred to the palms and right toe. Repeat this exercise 10 times in each direction.
  14.  Training with a towel

Two in one: strength exercises and stretching! Perhaps, this is a good option for those who prefer Unusual workouts.

And you weak?