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Lemon Meyer

Lemon - a very special fruit! I can not imagine my own dishes without fragrant lemon juice and fragrant peel, I always cook sauce for fish with lemon, and I also love cottage cheese and lemon cakes.

Sometimes the fruits of lemon seem unbearable to meSour, it happens - on the contrary, the lemon is surprisingly similar in taste to an orange! Until this day I did not suspect how to choose lemons correctly and distinguish their varieties among themselves. Lovers of gardening will laugh, but I really did not feel the difference!

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Mint lemon

14 million tons of lemons - this harvest of sunny fruits is collected annually throughout the world! The most common is the habitual Brand of lemon "Lisbon", Growing on a tree. But there is another kind of fruit grown on the bushes.

Lemon Meier is known here as a decorative shrub. When they talk about growing a lemon house, they often mean this hybrid plant species. A good reputation among gardeners, he has thanks to a compact size and good tolerance of temperature changes.

To distinguish a common lemon from a hybrid kind is useful to everyone who is fond of culinary work. Ordinary lemons are much more acidic, whereas Meier lemons have a more delicate taste. Lemons of meyer Small, round, with a thin skin. Dark yellow, closer to the orange color of the skin and round shape - the characteristic features of this lemon.

If you want to make a creamy lemon sauce,Lemon ice cream, cream for lemon tart or add lemon in a fruit salad, preferably use lemon meyer. I buy a common lemon when I need more zest for certain dishes.

Choosing fruits on the market, pay attention to their appearance, and you will unmistakably determine the cherished citrus fruit! Remember also that a small lemon tree can be grown at home to everyone for joy.