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Treating cracks on the heels

Cracks on the heels Arise as a result of improper care forLegs, lack of vitamins, wearing uncomfortable shoes, as well as due to metabolic disorders. This defect gives a lot of inconvenience, which only costs unaesthetic appearance of the feet!

but today "so simple!" Will acquaint you with the prescription of home remedy for cracks, calluses and corns on the heels. You will need aspirin, alcohol and a little patience. In 15 days you will notice pleasant changes!

Cracks against heels

Treatment of cracks on the heels

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is not only an antipyretic. You can use it also For the treatment of deep cracks on the heels. For this mix 10 crushed aspirin tablets with 250 ml of 70% alcohol, pour the solution into a small glass bottle and stand in a cool, dark place for at least 3 days.

Apply the medicine better before going to bed. Thoroughly soak the solution with a piece of gauze and attach it to the heel, wrap it with polyethylene and put on the sock. In the morning you need to remove everything, wash off the product with warm water and lubricate the problem area with a nutritious cream. Course of treatment - 15 days.

It's time to forget about the dryness and cracks. The presented remedy will make your heels gentle, like a baby!

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