/ How to get rid of mold in the bathroom

How to get rid of mold in the bathroom

Mold in the bathroom Does not give us peace. It accumulates in the intertwining seams and even forms on the toothbrush. Not only does the fungus look disgusting, it also harms health, causing allergies and worsening health. We inhale the toxic substances that secrete mold.

Bathroom is the ideal environment for Appearance of mold, Because there is humid and warm. Also in most bathrooms there are no windows, and mold loves closed rooms that are poorly ventilated. From the appearance of mold is not insured, and one who keeps his bathroom in perfect purity.

The cause of the appearance of the fungus may be insufficiently insulated walls of the house. The fungus appears even in the washing machine!


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Remedies for fungus Are expensive and do not guarantee a finalGetting rid of mold. So you should pay attention to affordable, cheap and no less effective methods of struggle. One of such - whiteness, usual bleach for washing, which costs a penny. The only negative of this remedy is a pungent unpleasant odor, so use a mask.

Pour the agent into the spray gun and sprinkle the place,Infected with fungus. The seams between the tiles will become snow-white, and the mold will disappear forever. Keep children and pets away, by following this procedure. Ventilate the apartment after the end.

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If you're still not ready to tolerate the smell of chlorine,There is another proven method. For this you need tablets of nystatin (it refers to antimycotics of natural origin, polyene antibiotics), which you can buy at any pharmacy. Nystatin is usually used to treat candidiasis.

Solve 2 tablets in half a glass of warm water and wipe with this mortar the seams between the tile and the skirtings. Do not flush the solution. From the mold soon there will be no trace. Repeat the procedure in a week.


Let your house be clean and cozy. Hope these tips will still help you win the fight against the hated fungus. And what secrets of purity are known to you? Leave your comment and share the article with friends and acquaintances!