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Products for Women's Health

Between what we eat and our health there is a direct link. Moods, the desire to act and create, take care of relatives, the desire for intimacy is directly dependent on Hormone levels in the female body And the health of the genitourinary system.

Healthy food

For a woman's body, food, rich Antioxidants, Folic acid, iodine, magnesium, vitamins a and d, polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron, copper, proteins, arginine, lecithin and calcium.

Healthy food

Products for women's health

A female diet that includes products necessary to maintain the health of the female reproductive system, normalize the hormonal background, and Increased libido, Also positively affect the figure. great news!

women Health

  1. Yoghurt and yogurt
    Probiotics from these products directly affect the microflora of the external genitalia. Using regularly kefir and yogurt, you significantly reduce the risk of thrush.

    But due to the increased content of calcium dairy products Reduce manifestations of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

  2. green tea
    Like kefir, green tea also helps to reduce symptoms of pms, and catechins (polyphenols), which have antioxidant properties, help to combat Urinary tract infections.
  3. Cereals, legumes, vegetables, greens
    All these products contain a lot of Cellulose, Which stimulates the work of the library. It is proved that many problems with women's health are associated with improper work of the intestine (increased gas formation, colitis, enteritis). Legumes are generally useful for those who watch their shape.

    Vitamin A, contained in carrots, Bulgarian pepper, is necessary for the proper operation of the ovaries. Greens - a source of magnesium and folic acid, without which the fragile female nervous system malfunctions.

  4. Eggs
    In eggs a lot of lecithin, which is involved in the production of female sex hormones. Rich source of protein, they are also included in the list of products that enhance mood.
  5. Rose hips, citrus fruits
    Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania determined that women who regularly eat citrus fruits significantly reduced the risk of developing Uterine fibroids For the reason that vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant. Briar is also a valuable source of this vitamin.
  6. Apples
    Found that women who ate at least 1 apple a day, suffer less from sexual disorders, the level of satisfaction and excitement they have is much higher.

    This is due to the fact that apples contain polypheols and phytoestogens in large quantities, which stimulate the flow of blood to the female genital organs, increasing excitability.

  7. Red wine
    1-2 glasses of red wine for 30% increase a woman's sexual desire through the production of nitric oxide in the body, which relaxes the walls of blood vessels.
  8. sea ​​fish
    Oily sea fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna) - the richest source Polyunsaturated fatty acids, Which our body can not produce. These acids have a positive effect on the hormonal background of women, increase sexual endurance and attraction.

    In combination with iodine-containing products (sea kale, walnuts), sea fish serves as a preventive measure against oncological diseases of the ovaries and breast.

  9. Olive oil and sprouted wheat grains
    Vitamin E, which is abundant in these products, is one of the most important for women's health. He directly participates in the development of sex hormones, regulates menstrual cycle, Increases the chances of becoming pregnant.

Well-being of women's health largely depends onFrom psychological attitudes, there are even a number of habits-enemies of femininity. Live in harmony with yourself and your feminine element, try to defeat in yourself what prevents you from enjoying life!

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