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Properties of avocado

Learning about the amazing properties of this product, I do not hurry to throw it away. Avocado stone Potassium, phosphorus, antioxidants andSoluble fiber. This makes the bone special, because these substances can lower cholesterol in the blood, improve the heart's performance and help the nervous system cope with the stresses!

Apply the avocado stone simply. You just need to split a small piece with a knife and grate it or grind it in a blender. The resulting powder can be added to kefir, cereals, any beverages and salads as a dietary supplement!

Remember only about the dosage of a miracle powder fromAvocado bones: it needs very little, 1/4 teaspoon per day will be enough for the healing effect. Otherwise you can get poisoned - the bone also contains Tannins, Bitter astringents. They are useful only in small doses!


Properties of avocado

    <Li flavonol and antioxidants contained in the avocado bone, contribute to inhibiting the growth of any tumors.</ Li>
  1. Avocado powder improves digestion. Like the usual wormwood, a bitter extract of the bones contributes to the secretion of gastric juice, relieves nausea, eliminates any Inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Due to the high content of easily digestible fiber, avocado stone powder Lowers the amount of cholesterol in organism. Harmful fats are less absorbed into the blood in the gastrointestinal tract, cellulose protects the vessels from cholesterol plaques.
  3. potassium Is indispensable for the good work of the heart, and it is present in the bones of the avocado in abundance.
  4. Valuable mineral substances in the bones increase the energy level, have an immunostimulating effect.
  5. Ground avocado bone will help to lose weight: substances in its composition accelerate metabolism and promote active fat burning processes in the body.

We are used to drying apricot stones and use them to improve well-being. But avocados are no less valuable product! Show this article to your friends, they may not know about it.