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How to wash your hair properly

It would seem that it can be wrong in such a customary ritual as washing head. But stylists, hairdressers assure that the constant improper cleaning of the head of hair leads to irreparable consequences for it: dryness, fragility, split ends and hair loss.

The first rule: never three wet hair with a towel! This has a devastating effect on the structure of the hairs. Then do not be surprised that the hair has a completely lifeless appearance ...

How to wash your hair properly

How to wash your hair properly

  1. Rinsing
    Before applying hair shampoo, thoroughly rinse them. So the hair scales are better to open, and the cleansing action of the detergent will be more effective.
    How to wash your hair properly
  2. Tip protection
    Owners of long hair for a note: to protect the tips of hair from excessive drying during washing will help the conditioner! Just put it on the tips before applying the shampoo.
    How to wash your hair properly
  3. Foam washing
    To water generously the head with shampoo - unforgivableerror. To not harm the hair, pour about 3/4 tsp. Means in a palm, dilute with water and a finger of the free hand whip the foam. And then put it on your hair. Do not think that a large amount of shampoo will better wash your head, dry it - yes.
    How to wash your hair properly
  4. More tenderness!
    Your movements should be gentle and neat, so as not to damage the cuticle, because wet hair is particularly susceptible to mechanical damage.

    First massage the pads of your fingers skinHead, thereby you increase the flow of blood to the roots, which will enhance the growth and nutrition of the hair. Then distribute the foam over the entire length of the hair, remember them lightly, but not three, unless your hair is in the engine oil!

    How to wash your hair properly

  5. Do without repetition
    Popular trick of marketers that followsAn additional second time to use shampoo is meaningless if you wash your hair every day or every other day. And at one time the product will wash your hair until you hear it.
    Wrong wash your hair
  6. Conditioner - not for the skin
    An obligatory stage of care of long hair -Use of conditioner or balm. Before applying this remedy, lightly squeeze the hair to water the glass. The conditioner on all length of hair, but not on a skin of a head: in this place from it or him will not be advantage or benefit. Do not rinse off the balm immediately, wait a couple of minutes to have time to work on the hair.
    How to wash your head tips
  7. Rinsing
    After you have washed off the conditioner, rinse your hair with cold water. It will cover all the scales of the outer layer of the hair. This trick will give the locks extra shine and smoothness.

    Please do not dry your hair wet hair dryer! For safety it is better to do with damp, already slightly dried hair. No brittle and dryness you can not be afraid!

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Frequency of washing depends on Type of hair And way of life: Greasy hair should be cleaned every day, and normal and dry enough 3 times a week. Great importance has water: too stiff makes the hair dull and brittle. To soften it, you can pass it through a special filter or defend it.

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