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Workout at work

«No time for myself"- a favorite excuse for office workers. Of course, working with a computer tires, but that does not mean that elementary exercises should be forgotten forever. can Train at the desk!!

command "so simple!" Knows how to help those who are forced to sit much during the day. We will acquaint you with light exercises that can be performed during small breaks, especially when the boss leaves ...

Exercises at the desk

  1. Blades and rotation by hand
    Sit straight, feet together, the stomach is drawn. Stretch your arms forward and hold them at shoulder level with your hands palm down. Maximally tighten the shoulder blades, as if connecting them. Repeat 5 times. In the initial position, draw 10 arms with a diameter from the apple, stretched forward. The whole combination is done 8 times.
  2. Exercise at the desk

  3. parallel
    Standing at the chair, take hold of the back. Squeeze your hips, tear your heels off the floor and stand on tiptoe. Turn the lower body to the right, but keep the press in tension, the back straight, and the heels lifted. With knees bent down, go up a couple of sentiments for a minute.

    Lower the heels and repeat the same combination of movements to the left.

  4. Exercise at the desk

  5. Compression of the hands
    Sit on a chair with a straight back, take your hands back, palms to the chair. Press hands on the back of the chair and relax. Do 10 repetitions.
  6. Exercise at the desk

  7. Leg bending
    Holding the muscles of the press in tension, sit straight onTip of the chair. Grasp your hands for it, bend your left leg and do the flexing-unbending movements of your left foot. Repeat 5 times on each leg.
  8. Exercise at the desk

  9. ring
    Stand behind the chair and put your right hand on it.Back, and the left - behind the head. Tear the right heel off the floor, and bend the left leg so that it reaches the left hip. While bend the left shoulder to the hip. Repeat for each side 20 times.
  10. Exercise at the desk

If you work all day at the computer, you need at least a little exercise. And such a simple Workout at work Just help you out!

Remember: physical activity increases the level of efficiency.