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Calcined soda

Calcined soda (Na2co3) - effective and economical washingmeans. It is stronger than baking soda by the degree of alkaline activity, so it is successfully used in the farm. Using soda ash, you can not only save a lot on buying household chemicals, but also to save health.

This product is suitable for cleaning ceramic and porcelain dishes, tiles, sinks, sanitary ware, washing floors, Elimination of blockages in pipes, And can also return primitive whiteness to yellowed sheets!

Calcined soda

This tool effectively cleans, but costs a penny. It was used by our mothers and grandmothers, and now the basis of the composition of almost all modern besfosfatnyh washing powders is calcined soda.

Calcined soda

"so simple!" Will tell, How to use whitewashed soda to whiten bed linens And wash the children's things.

  1. Washing in the washing machine
    Note that soda ash is only suitableFor washing fibers of vegetable origin (cotton, linen), but wool and silk to wash with this product is contraindicated. Precautions: Keep soda away from food and away from children. When using soda, wear rubber gloves - alkali all the same.

    The easiest way Whiten bed linens - Prewash with soda ash. For 5 kg of dry linen, take about 1 tbsp. Soda, fill it in the powder compartment and start washing with a temperature regime of 50-70 ° C and then rinsing. Then you can wash with the usual detergent in the usual mode.

    Also soda can be used to soften water: 2-3 tbsp. L. Means to fill directly into the drum, this will reduce the amount of detergent.

  2. Washing of children's things
    Make the perfect Detergent for children's clothes!! Tune 50 g shavings from baby soap (specifiedWeight of chips, not bars), take 45 g of soda ash and 1 liter of water. In boiling water, dissolve, stirring, soap chips, add soda. Vari, stirring constantly, until a jelly-like mass with pearly ebb, take off from the fire.

    When the product cools down, add a few drops of lavender Essential oil. Weight thickens, so when machine washing for 5 kg of linen lay about 2 tbsp. L. Gel directly into the drum.

An alternative to harmful household chemicals exists! With the help of eco-friendly and safe detergents and air fresheners, you will additionally take care of the health of your loved ones.

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