/ How useful are bananas

How useful are bananas

I recently conducted an interesting experiment onYour body. Every day I ate 1 banana as a snack after breakfast, and 1 more banana rewarded myself for dessert after dinner. The result I liked so much that I wanted to tell about it to my friends!

Something has changed in me, I began to look much better! The benefits of bananas for the body Immediately manifested itself. Dark circles and bags under the eyes, a little puffiness in the morning and dry skin disappeared. Face refreshed and younger, even wrinkles became less noticeable!

My heartburns disappeared and even hemoglobin increased, I began to feel not so tired in the evenings. Frankly, I did not even hope for such a brilliant result, starting my experience ...


How useful are bananas

The benefits of bananas There is no doubt: Is a product rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. Also in bananas there is potassium and magnesium, strengthening the cardiovascular system. The banana contains 3 types of natural sugar - sucrose, glucose and fructose, it contributes to good brain function and increases the overall level of energy.

In bananas, vitamin B6 is present, and this has a great effect on the female body. Pms passes unnoticed, if during this period to use bananas!

A person needs to eat a certainThe amount of fruit every day to stay healthy! Often we neglect it ... snacking bananas, you will provide the body with all the necessary minerals and vitamins, and certainly you will not forget about the coveted daily dose of fruit.

Thoroughly chew on bananas, Using them in food: it is quite difficult to digest the product. A well-chewed banana will be better absorbed, and you will feel great!

Share with your friends this little secret that prolongs youth! For the sake of beauty and well-being, you can afford 2 bananas a day.