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Photo for Instagram

Instagram - free application, whose name is nowAll on hearing. To think only, in this network users have added already more than 20 billion photos! If you use this magic tool to view and publish pictures, you will definitely benefit from our advice.

In instagram everything is possible: A quick exchange of photos and videos, the use of unusual filters to pictures, convenient search of any images. Many users even earn a decent amount of money on their accounts by posting advertising ...

After reading our article, you will find out which pictures collect the most likes, how to hide photos where you were tagged, and how to see more beautiful in your news feed.

Photo for instagrama

  1. Filters
    Thanks to unusual filters for photos,Instagram has won the hearts of its first users. Everything looks different if you correct the color rendition and the shadows in the picture, adjust the horizon line ...

    If you already have your favorite filters, you can weed out those that you rarely use. Press manage and with a light hand movement on the right side of the panel, remove unnecessary filters.

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  3. Unsuccessful photos
    If you are tagged in a photo where you do notLike, do not get upset. Ridiculous pictures can be hidden from prying eyes! Open the photo, click on your name and select the hide from my profile switch.
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  5. More interesting pictures from friends
    The following tab in the activity section will make you very happy: here you can see pictures that your friends liked. Sometimes here you can find real masterpieces!
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  7. History of own likes
    It's very easy to find a photo that you liked a week ago! The tab photos you've liked carefully stores your favorite images.
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  9. Sharing photos for a limited circle of friends
    Direct section at the last stage of sendingWill allow you to show the photo to your selected instagram users! It is very convenient when you need to share photos after family gatherings or insane corporate.
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  11. Sending the best pictures from the tape with a personal message
    By numerous applications of users now instagram offers this function! With the help of the third button near "like" and "comment" you can send your favorite image from the tape to a friend.
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  13. Quality internet for instagram
    For any user of this exciting application, the speed of the mobile Internet is very important! Quality and fast, it will allow you to use all the possibilities of instagram without limits.

    A great idea will be the connection of 4g-Internet, which is offered by Russian operators ("beeline", "megaphone" and mts). On density of a covering they successfully compete with the European operators.

    All the same "megaphone", According to experts, the best in this three! Connecting high-quality Internet, you will forever forget about any problems that arise when there is no network ...

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  15. Subscription for updates to favorite users
    You can get the latest news fromFavorite users, if you find the option turn on post notifications. It is in the context menu, which is hidden behind the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the open page of the desired profile.
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Filters toaster, hefe, sutro and mayfair with a #filter tag (#nofilter) - a guarantee that The photo will become popular. Bright photos, which are dominated by blue color and a lot of space, are always in favorites among users!

Statistics instagram says that inLately, users really like images with different textures. Experiment, and you'll see how dramatically the number of subscribers on your page will increase!

Use our helpful advice, feel like a god instagram!