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Stimulants of root growth

To accelerate growth and root formation inShoots, do not necessarily use chemistry! This information is useful to all gardeners: with the help of natural means you can achieve remarkable results on your site.

Root growth stimulator Will help the formation of roots on cuttingsReally hard rooting plants. Powerful roots will allow young seedlings to receive more nutrients from the soil, they will grow faster, bloom and bring a good harvest.

Plant roots

Root growth stimulants

  1. honey
    Solvent 1 tsp. Honey in 1.5 liters of water. Perch cuttings in honey water for 12 hours (about one third of the plant should be in the water).
  2. potatoes
    Remove from the large potato eyes, make an incision in it and place a stalk in it. Do not forget to water the potatoes! The stem will very quickly give roots, because potatoes are an ideal nutrient medium.
  3. Aloe juice
    Stalk put in water and add 7-10 drops of aloe juice. Aloe juice not only helps to grow roots, it will ensure the future plant good immunity.
  4. Willow water
    A few willow twigs (you can also use ledum and poplar) put in water and wait for the appearance of rootlets. Take out the branches and place the cuttings in the same water. This tool works gorgeously!
  5. Yeast solution
    Prepare the yeast solution: 100 mg yeast per 1 liter. Keep the cuttings in it for a day, then put them in ordinary water.

After stimulating the growth of the roots of the plant can safely plant in the ground! This is proven by not one generation of folk remedies. Young shoots of plants Will please you with their strength and magnificent view!

To work in the garden you need not only skill, but also inspiration! Plants planted in the ground with love will yield the best fruits ... "so simple!" Gives some inspirational ideas to all garden lovers.

  1. There are many wonderful adaptations that will make work on the earth more pleasant.
  2. gardening

  3. How cool it is to spray your favorite flowers from a similar container!
  4. for garden

  5. Nameplates for names of seedlings. The marker can easily be rubbed off with alcohol, beautiful tablets can be used year after year. You will never forget what and where you planted!
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  7. If you accidentally forgot gloves to work in the garden, you will help out the usual soap! A solid soap under the fingernails protects them from dirt.
  8. Nails

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