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How to apply shadows correctly

Dark shadows For eyelids sometimes behave insidiously. Any woman has to work hard to apply them evenly and accurately ... especially offensively, when every minute counts, and make-up does not work.

If during the application of makeup shadows were smearedOr you did it unevenly, do not rush to wash! We know the trick with which even the most unsuccessful attempt will turn into a smart make-up that emphasizes the beauty of your look.

Dark shadows

How to apply a shadow

Remember that you need to paint your eyes last: first apply makeup on your face. Do not forget about the basis for eyeshadow: In the beginning, powder your eyes or apply on your eyelidsPrimer, and only then apply shadows. Paint your eyelashes with mascara only after you figure out the shadows! These simple tricks will help you avoid ugly lumps on the eyelids, the shadows will not roll down and spread out throughout the day.

How to fix a careless makeup, you will see in this video. This guy will show that Shadowing - easy and even fun! The result inspired me, and I want to go make up ...

Regardless of the shades of your favorite shadows,This trick will work! I always dreamed of learning how to paint eyes perfectly, and finally it happened ... if you liked our useful video, share it with your girlfriends!