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How to wash a bra

Not for nothing, underwear is called a delicate subjectWardrobe. Quality, comfortable, beautiful bras cost a lot of money and require very careful treatment ... otherwise these garments will please the landlady very short.

Correct Bra wash Will help extend the life of the gizmos and keep it in perfect condition! Perhaps you already know these subtleties, but the editorial staff "so simple!" Carefully recalls the important.

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How to wash a bra

  1. Read Bra label Before washing, this will save you from terrible mistakes. For example, the vast majority of models of underwear in any case can not be dried in a washing machine!
  2. Do not forget to fasten the bra to all the hooks.
  3. Use special bags for washing bras in a washing machine. If you do not have such a bag, it can be made from a pillowcase, sewing it up lightly!
  4. Wash bras in the typewriter together with thingsAbout the same weight: light blouses, pantyhose, socks, t-shirts. Do not erase them with jeans and other heavy clothing made from rough fabric.
  5. Never use bleach when washing a bra, it will definitely ruin a thing.
  6. At the end of washing, do not forget to return the cups to the correct form. Never twist the cups in the other direction before washing!
  7. Sushi bra on a hanger, gently slipping it into the straps. Never use clothes pegs to fix the bra!
  8. Use mild detergents when washing underwear.
  9. Try not to wear a bra for more than 3 days! It will quickly lose shape, the elastic fibers of the laundry are not designed for such loads.

This information can save many sets of lace underwear, share with your friends valuable advice!